I am still unsure how Onision still has a partnership. Aren’t partners supposed to be held to a higher standard? He’s a bully, abusive, and a list full of other names I would like to call him. It is one thing to have an opinion (granted, 99% of his are stupid and uneducated) but it is another to shove your opinions down people’s throat and bully them if they resist to conform to your cultist ways.

Greg’s following is a cult of impressionable young girls and boys who take everything this man says as truth. Teaching kids that it is okay to slut shame or that what they do with their own bodies is everybody else’s business, is NOT okay. It is also not okay to teach them to blame rape victims or that theists are all evil people. Of course these are just a few examples of a long list of things that Onision should not be teaching his followers. 

Normally, I just ignore YouTubers I don’t like and move on with my life. I can’t seem to get myself to just brush off the things Greg says, however. This is no longer just a case of not liking his content. I have a zero tolerance for bullies and I think more attention needs to be brought to his actions. 

I am not sure if is my place to say, but I think his partnership should be revoked or that he shouldn’t be making any money through his OnisionSpeaks videos when a good chunk of them are aimed at slandering his exes or verbally abusing people who’s morals do not match his own.

A lot of YouTubers already think he is a joke and ignore him. I don’t want this to be the case. I want him to be held liable for his actions and take responsibility for the things he says. Ignoring him does not accomplish anything.

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